License Terms

Inaport licenses are tied to the target CRM system and:

  • may be installed on as many different systems (workstation or server) as required
  • do not have seat count restrictions
  • may not be used as a 'bureau' system, where data for multiple end users is processed into a single system

License changes

Changes to the target system, for instance a server change or CRM upgrade, may require the latest version of Inaport. Inaport Software Assurance needs to be kept up-to-date to ensure access to all Inaport versions, and is charged on an annual basis.

Test and development servers

Current Software Assurance also provides access to a 30 day test license (1 per year).
If you have a Professional or Enterprise Edition license, test and development licenses can be rented annually for a small fee.

Price Lists

Inaport may be purchased in the following currencies:

Currency Price List
Australian Dollars PDF
British Pounds PDF
Canadian Dollars PDF
Euros PDF
United States Dollars PDF

VAT will be charged for UK customers.