Effective June 2021 - Microsoft Disables Regional Discovery Service

Previously Inaport for Dynamics CRM depended on the Regional Discovery Service - this change will impact normal operation.

The change should not impact on-premises deployments; however, you can test this by editing a CRM connector in Inaport and clicking the “Get Organizations” button in the connector. If the Discovery service has been disabled, you will get an error saying “FCB EnableRegionalDisco is disabled”.

The builds below have been upgraded to work with Microsoft's replacement Global Discovery Service. They are not full installers - instead, they can be used to either patch an existing Inaport installation or dropped into a standalone directory and run directly.

You will need to have current Software Assurance to be able to run the new builds.

To install, download the zip file, then:

  1. Unzip to a local directory
  2. Optional - make a backup of your Inaport configuration file.
    This file is normally in C:\ProgramData\InaPlex\Inaport\9.2\IPConfigData.xml, but you can check the location by starting Inaport and going to Tools - Config File location.
  3. Optional - make a backup of your Inaport install directory
  4. Copy the entire contents of the download into the Inaport install directory
  5. Start Inaport, and check you are running 9.2.21166 or above
  6. Go to each of your Dynamics CRM connectors, and make sure you click the "Get Organizations" button, then save the connector.

Known Issues:

  • These builds will ONLY work on Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 and greater systems
  • Currently, Multi-Factor Authentication is not supported

If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact support support@inaplex.com

Older Releases

Below are the regular installs of Inaport. Please DO NOT use these if you wish to use Inaport for Dynamics CRM. Use the patches above, or contact Support for assistance.
Inaport can be downloaded at any time, and installed on any system that can connect to both the source and the target database.

In addition to the software, you will need to obtain a license. You can use the free evaluation license, or purchase a full license when ready.

Migration Packs

A migration pack contains a set of profiles for a particular migration path.

If you do not see the particular migration you require, please contact InaPlex.

Available Migration Packs
FROM:   ACT! 8/9/10/11/12/13/14
    to Microsoft CRM ACT to Microsoft CRM
    to Sage SalesLogix ACT to Infor CRM (Saleslogix)
    to SageCRM ACT to Sage CRM
FROM:   GoldMine by FrontRange
    to Microsoft CRM GoldMine to Microsoft CRM
    to Salesforce GoldMine to Salesforce
    to Sage SalesLogix GoldMine to Infor CRM (Saleslogix)
    to SageCRM GoldMine to Sage CRM
    to ACT GoldMine to ACT

Legacy Releases

The following table holds older releases of Inaport. Please note: Inaport V6 and V7.0 are no longer supported.

Legacy Releases
Release Download
Inaport V2 (Build 7.2.11272.1) Inaport V7.2 Install
Inaport V7 (Build 7.1.9256) Inaport V7.1 Install
Inaport V7 (Build 7.0.9053) Inaport V7.0 Install (Not supported)
Inaport V6 (Build 6.0.7280) Inaport V6 Install (Not supported)