Inaport is a full featured integration and migration product with specialized functionality to support Sage CRM cloud and on premise.

Sage CRM Integration

Get more from your CRM investment

Move any data to and from Sage CRM quickly and easily with Inaport. Rapid, code free development; no seat count restrictions.

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Sage CRM Migration

No-risk migration to a new CRM

Inaport's free migration maps and strong matching ensure fast, flexible and complete transfer of legacy client details to Sage CRM.

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Benefits for Sage CRM users offered by Inaport include:

  • speed due to direct link to Sage CRM for on-premise
  • depth of functionality for difficult integration projects
  • reusability; the same license can be used for as many projects as needed
  • ease-of-use for fast learning curve and rapid productivity gains
  • practical management features including auto-documenting and extensive logging
  • the best matching tools available for Sage CRM integration and migration

Migrating Sage 1000?

InaPlex has detailed maps for upgrading Sage CRM from V6 to V7.

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Sage CRM specific features

Feature Description
On premise support Blazing fast integration with Sage CRM databases on premise
Cloud support Full integration capabilities with Sage CRM hosted systems
Entity support Fully supports Match, Create, Update, Delete on all standard and custom entities. Entity schema is discovered at run time, so any custom fields are immediately available for mapping
Multiple entities Create/update multiple target entities from single source row. For example, update Company and Person from single source row.
SQL Queries Use SQL queries on the fly during imports to query Sage CRM
This includes the ability to do queries against hosted systems.

Sage CRM versions supported

Inaport for Sage CRM supports the following versions:

  • Sage CRM 7.x, on premise and cloud
  • Sage CRM 6.2 and up, on premise

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Pricing information

Inaport is available in various editions and license durations. Pricing is available in several currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and AUD. Full price lists are available here.

Inaport is licensed against a single CRM instance. If a Professional or Enterprise edition license is purchased, you may also purchase additional licenses for test and development servers, at a greatly discounted price. These test and development server licenses are valid while the Software Assurance for the main license is current.

60 day license
Professional edition for 60 days
Use for migrating legacy CRM systems
Free migration maps available
One off imports for special projects
Basic imports
Standard Features
Import into any entity in CRM
Create, update, delete
Match using any field
Schedule jobs as required
Integration projects
All Standard PLUS
Fuzzy matching
SQL matching
Export from CRM
Query external database
Advanced documentation
Advanced logging
Low cost test/dev licenses
Free training (one hour)
Any source, any target
All Professional PLUS
Integrate any data repository in the enterprise
Free licenses (2) for test/dev systems
Free training (three hours)

You are not alone

InaPlex has experienced CRM Partners throughout the world who can work with you to make your CRM migration a success. The InaPlex Professional Services Group is also able to assist. Contact us for a recommendation, or for a free, no obligation discussion of your requirements.