Training is the first line of support, and is recommended for all users. Please feel free to browse our tutorials, which are a combination of Powerpoint presentations, and videos covering many aspects of integration and migration projects using Inaport.

You can also find information on our forums, where you can check our knowledgebase or ask questions on the product forums.

InaPlex can also provide web based training. The training can be structured to best fit your requirements; it can be based on our standard modules, shown in the table below, or can be customised.

Standard Training Modules

Module Topics
Introduction Installation and configuration
Connecting to data sources
Building and testing a profile
Logging and Documentation
Advanced Importing Matching:
     Standard, Fuzzy, SQL
     How to choose
Data sources
Excluded record handling
Advanced Data Transformation Regular Expressions
Date/time and numeric conversions
Querying targets

Customized Training

A common approach is to engage InaPlex to assist with a particular project in conjunction with your team. InaPlex will remote into your system and develop the project, while demstrating to your team how it is done and answering any questions they may have. The advantage of this approach is that you have a working project at the end, and your team has full understanding of how it was implemented.

Another possible course is to have an introductory session, then another session using real data and working on a profile for your environment.

Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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