InaPlex Services

Many companies use external Professional Services to assist with data integration and data migration projects. This is especially true when the task at hand requires specialized knowledge and/or tools.

InaPlex sells its solutions through qualified Partners. We also have a Professional Services Group which can directly assist companies that are not working with one of our Partners, or when Partners request our experienced assistance.

InaPlex has many years of experience with data integration, and can provide a range of professional services to assist in ensuring that your integration project achieves its objectives on time and on budget.

Professional services may as simple as an hour of time to discuss the overall project or a particular issue with your team, through to the development of custom applications to meet your particular requirements.

Projects generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Integration or migration projects involving CRM systems
  • Integration or migration projects independent of CRM systems
  • The development of Apps to address point problems in the company

InaPlex uses Inaport as part of the solution for many, but not all, projects. We also have strong Microsoft Azure experience including for Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Apps, Microsoft Common Data Service, PowerApps, LogicApps and Web APIs.

Recent Inaport projects:

  • Complex integration between Eloqua marketing automation system and Sage CRM for a large software company. Included implemntation of complex business rules for routing leads to appropriate teams
  • Bi-directional integration between Ingres based ERP system and Microsoft CRM
  • Bi-directional integration between a legacy accounting system and SalesLogix
  • Migrate two Siebel databases to a single SageCRM system
  • Migrate heavlily customized Infor CRM system to Salesforce
  • Migrate an Infor CRM database to Sage CRM, complete with email, documents and opportunities.

In most of these projects, InaPlex was responsible for delivering the completed migration or integration to the customer. In some cases, InaPlex worked with the partner and customer integration teams to provide mentoring and assistance with specification or difficult areas of implementation.

Custom Applications

InaPlex has developed a number of custom applications to meet challenging requirments for customers around the world.

Some examples include:

  • Custom Web API in Azure for integration between in house Dynamics CRM system and client
  • Real time implementation of lead processing between Eloqua marketing automation system and a CRM implementation based on Quickbase.
  • Complex merge-purge application for a US based components supplier, with more than 400 users of their system. The customer has tight integration between their system and the back office ERP system, and needed to make sure that any front office contacts being merged were not live in the back office system.
  • A major UK bank is using their system for intensive tele-marketing, with multiple campaigns every week. InaPlex worked with them to stream-line to process of importing campaign and lead information without duplication. The second stage of the project required development of a custom application to manage the allocation of calls to the leads to the call center agents. The project resulted in the saving of an average of two to four person days of effort every week.

Please do not hesitate to contact InaPlex for a no obligation discussion of your particular requirements.