Marketing Automation

Marketing automation systems such as Eloqua, Pardot, and Hubspot, are an increasingly important part of modern marketing however there can be a disconnect between marketing in the automation platform and sales in the CRM system. If leads generated by marketing are not properly actioned by sales, valuable time and money can be wasted.

InaPlex has extensive experience with moving leads from marketing automation to CRM in a format that is immediately actionable by the sales teams. Issues that we can address include:

  • Data cleansing and normalization
  • Remapping state and status values from those used by marketing automation to those used by CRM
  • Checking for duplicate leads, including checking for age of lead in CRM and open/closed status
  • Allocating leads to territory, team and individual user, based on simple or complex business rules. For example, allocate leads fairly to team members using round robin
  • Enrich existing leads or contacts with campaign activity information to keep sales in the loop, or trigger workflows in CRM

InaPlex has substantial experience in building lead rotar systems however any lead distribution solution needs to be tailored for a company's particular workflow and business structure. Contact InaPlex to discuss your requirements and arrange a free quote.

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InaPlex has experienced CRM Partners throughout the world who can work with you to make your CRM migration a success. The InaPlex Professional Services Group is also able to assist. Contact us for a recommendation, or for a free, no obligation discussion of your requirements.