Microsoft Azure and Inaport for Enterprise Integration

Today, more than ever, companies get information from many different sources. It might be leads from marketing in the cloud as they are received, customer feedback as it comes in, purchase information from a remote branch every minute, or spreadsheet updates from client sites each evening.

The amount of data potentially available is exciting, but it also poses challenges. Making sure that information is timely, correct, clean and compatible can be difficult when so many different systems are involved.

Whatever the integration challenge, InaPlex has an efficient and cost-effective solution. Between the exceptional matching and data trasnformation of Inaport and the tremendous breadth of Microsoft Azure tools, InaPlex can help with affordable integration across your entire enterprise. The net result? There is no longer anything standing between you and the data you need.

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Cloud Application Development

Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and the Common Data Service provide unprecedented opportunities for rapid, cost effective development of enterprise applications.

Microsoft’s Common Data Service (CDS) provides a secure business database, composed of well-formed standard business entities.

  • can be automatically deployed in your PowerApps environments
  • provides scalability and security - encrytped at rest
  • uses the best of Azure technologies

InaPlex can assist with developing Flows and PowerApps to maximise your benefits.

  • Start with a no obligation discussion of your project
  • Move to consultation on the implementation process
  • Complete with training for both development and operational personnel

Azure Logic Apps and Functions

Azure Logic Apps and Functions provide access to world class SaaS, PaaS, and on premise integration capabilities.

  • Rapid development - Out-of-the-box connectors reduce integration challenges
  • Hybrid Integrations - Connect and integrate data from the cloud to on-premises
  • Tap into the power of Azure services

InaPlex will develop Logic Apps to integrate your enterprise. Azure Logic Apps work with your existing assets, as well - even legacy and ERP systems - and support turnkey connectivity from on-premises systems to the cloud.

Custom REST Web APIs

InaPlex can develop custom REST APIs hosted in Azure. Custom Web APIs can provide a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Provide access to selected enterprise data from outside the enterprise, in a secure and controllable manner.
  • Provide a clean, maintainable interface to complex and/or changing data repositories or applications
  • Dramatically simplify the development of clients such as Power Apps, Flows, or customer facing web sites
  • Leverage Azure API management and scaling capabilities to rapidly and effectively meet changes in demand

InaPlex can assist with your cloud deployments to provide:

  • Increased Productivity - faster development,
  • Scalability - scale Azure based resources up or out in seconds
  • Reduced IT Costs - dramatically reduce infrastructure and managment costs
  • Faster Time to Market - more rapidly develop, reconfigure, and deploy in response to a changing business environment