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InaPlex has a range of resources to assist you in success with your integration or migration project.

Check out our blog for extensive articles on various aspects of integration, and our YouTube channel for a full listing of movies.

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Resource List
Topic Link
Mapping Option Sets - A Guide
How to map picklists and option sets when doing an integration.
Includes examples and SQL queries.
Mapping Option Sets
CRM Migration FAQ
Helpful hints for a Successful CRM Migration
Migration FAQ
CRM Migration Planning Guide 2019
Simple Steps to a Successful CRM Migration
Migration Planning
Migration Planning
Eight Steps to an Effective Migration Plan
Migration Planning
CRM Migration Tips
Brief notes on issues to be aware of when migrating from one CRM system to another
Migration Tips
User Guide
How to migrate to a new CRM system - a User Guide.
Migration Guide
CRM Migration Checklist
Document with a detailed check list for migration projects.
Migration Checklist
Selecting a CRM Integration System
Document with guidance on selecting an integration platform.
Integration System
CRM Integration Checklist
Document with a detailed check list for integration projects.
Integration Checklist
Integration Terms Defined
Document with a list of integration terms, with explanations.
Integration Terms
A series of tutorials on various aspects of integration and migration with Inaport
Tutorials Page
Many articles on integration, migration and working with Inaport
InaPlex Blog