Migrating Legacy CRM systems

Inaport migrates CRM data quickly, reliably and affordably

Companies often have many years of valuable information locked away in their legacy CRM system, however moving this data can be costly and difficult. Our integration engine, Inaport, is built on over a decade of intense CRM migration experience and ensures fast, safe and complete transfer of data to the new CRM environment.

Inaport manages all of the challenges associated with CRM migration: Dirty data, duplicates, format issues, customizations and hard to move items such as email, history, notes, attachments, opportunities and pick-lists.

Inaport licenses include free migration maps to automate data transfer; these can be modified for a totally flexible result.

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Free maps available for:

  • ACT! to Dynamics CRM
  • ACT! to Salesforce, Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix)
  • ACT! to Sage CRM
  • GoldMine to Dynamics CRM
  • GoldMine to Salesforce, Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix)
  • GoldMine to Sage CRM
  • Sage 1000 Migration Maps

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Migration Projects

A migration project can be straightforward, but often there are complexities involved. Moving to a new CRM system will typically involve changes in business processes and reporting systems. This in turn means that the migrated data needs to be transformed to meet the new business structures.

Typical issues that InaPlex encounters in migration projects include:

  • Moving 'contact-centric' systems to 'company-contact centric' - split contacts into company and contact
  • Remapping pick list value sets - change 'Good', 'Poor' to 'Active', 'Inactive'
  • Handling security - change ownership and territory for accounts and contacts
  • Cleaning old data - purge duplicates, normalize data

InaPlex has worked on hundreds of CRM migration projects and understands the importance of timely, cost-effective migration.

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You are not alone

InaPlex has experienced CRM Partners throughout the world who can work with you to make your CRM migration a success. The InaPlex Professional Services Group is also able to assist. Contact us for a recommendation, or for a free, no obligation discussion of your requirements.