Inaport Product Overview

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Inaport is the premier Customer Data Integration solution from InaPlex, with full support for:

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Inaport is available in Standard and Professional Editions, see here.

Inaport is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to perform tasks such as:

  • Import contact or lead information from Excel, Access, text files, or web site, using simple or sophisticated matching techniques to prevent duplicates.
  • Import accounting information about Accounts or Contacts; for example, order history, current sales, year to date summary information. Extensive data transformation capabilites with user preview ensure that the data is presented in the format required.
  • Export contact information to be verified by a tele-marketing operation, then update the CRM system with the results.
  • Synchronize CRM information with corporate ERP systems.

Inaport provides significant benefits over the native import capabilities of your CRM system:

  • Much more powerful matching capabilities: prevent duplicates before they come in.
  • Vastly superior data transformation capabilties: ensure data is in the correct format for presentation and analysis.
  • Robust in the face of errors: handle dirty, complex data.
  • Better manageability, logging and reporting: manage by exception.


Read Data

Inaport can read from any ODBC compliant data source (including Excel and Access), text files in a variety of formats, and ACT!. Most data sources also allow the use of SQL SELECT statements to join tables and specify where clauses. Inaport also provides sophisticated filtering capabilites, allowing you to exclude nwanted records.

Data Transformation

Often the source data is not in the format required. Inaport allows you to:

  • convert any field to any other data type (e.g. convert numers to text)
  • combine fields together or split them apart (e.g. FirstName + LastName <-> First, Last)
  • test incoming data and take actions based on test (e.g  if value is blank, provide a default)
  • transform any text in any concievable manner (e.g strip HTML formatting)


In addition to simply importing data, Inaport allows to test if data already exists and create if not, or update existing. A range of paowerful mathcing options allow you to choose the most effective for your requirements:

  • Standard Matching - allows you to test on any field or combination of fields, and also combine match crieteria with OR conditions
  • Fuzzy Matching - lets you handle dirty data, where name smay be mis-spelt for example, and to review possible matches before committing
  • SQL Matching - provides effective mechanism for updating tables with millions of rows

In addition, Inaport can integrate with external match engiens such as Paribus from QGate.

Write Data

Inaport lets you update any table or combination of tables in the target CRM system. In addition, update operations can be controlled:

  • skip tables if conditions are met
  • skip fields if source is blank or target not blank
  • check if source and target field are actually different, and skip wite if no change.

CRM Compatibility

The following table shows the version of CRM systems that Inaport is compatible with:

CRM System Versions
Sage SalesLogix 6.0,6.1, 6.2, 7.0, 7.2
Sage CRM 5.7, 5.8, 6.0, 6.1
Sage 5.8 SP1, 6.0, 6.1
ACT! by Sage 2005/7.0, 2006/8.0, 2007/9.0, 2008/10 (full support); 6.0 (read only)
GoldMine from FrontRange 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x (GoldMine Premium Edition)

Standard Edition

Makes it easy to move data from a wide range of third party data locations into the CRM system. Data transfer can be automated, and information can be manipulated as part of the process to ensure data accuracy and integrity. A library of functions (over 200) helps to manage common data requirements, and full online, contextual help guides the data management process throughout.

Professional Edition

Additionally provides many extra functions for the greater power and performance needed to manage more difficult data challenges. In addition, fuzzy matching is available to provide potential matches for incoming data, and a variety of tools, ranging from user-defined acceptance criteria to on screen evaluation, allows full use of the matching functions to be made.


Inaport is licensed against the target CRM system. It may be installed on as many different systems as required, but can only be used to either import into or export out of the target CRM system.