Inaport provides comprehensive data migration, data integration and data transformation for enterprise data, with specialized connectors for Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix), Sage CRM, GoldMine, and ACT!.

Inaport is characterized by ease of use, exceptional matching capability, and a no-code approach. Despite its breadth and power, however, Inaport is affordably priced and has low ownership costs, ensuring excellent value without compromise.

Data Migration

Inaport provides full migration of legacy CRM systems, such as ACT! and GoldMine, to other CRM systems using free standard maps. For non-standard implementations, the full power of Inaport’s matching and data manipulation functions can be used to modify standard maps and set up custom maps, providing a cost-effective and realistic way forward for any migration.

  Code-free integration and migration tools

Data Integration

Inaport can be used to integrate your on-premise or hosted CRM system with other enterprise or external sources of data, and provides bi-directional data transfer. Typical examples include:

  Code-free integration and migration tools

What Makes Inaport Special?

Inaport has a unique combination of features that make it an ideal choice for data integration and data migration. Here are some of the things Inaport does especially well and an explanation of why they are important.

Data Transformation

Strong data transformation tools are critical for ensuring that transferred data is unique, accurate and consistent. If data quality is not assured during integration your company can be working with “rubbish”, leading to poor client management and bad business decisions.

Inaport lets you transform and manipulate data in many different ways.

  • There is a vast library of preset functions for auto-reformatting
  • On the fly-lookup of external databases and maps to get the correct data values
  • Re-mapping of record ownership on the fly
  • Data type conversions, including full Unicode and localization support
  • Preview pane of “results” prior importing data
  • Expression editor with extensive in-built guidance
  • Expressions can be saved and reused
  • Implement your own functionality with external code if needed

Data Matching

Excellent data matching capability is Inaport’s greatest strength, and is critical for avoiding duplicates and correctly identifying target records for update. Our approach to this is very effective because we provide a range of independent techniques that can be combined as required to meet diverse data problems.

  • Matching can be applied to any fields or combination of fields, and data transformations applied on the fly to identify matches that would be otherwise missed
  • Matches can be refined with user-defined “fuzzy matching” criteria, for instance, to handle misspelled names
  • SQL select statements can be used to extend matching to any entities in the system

Inaport is straightforward to use

Most integration systems are either simple and limited in functionality, or powerful but complicated. Inaport is the exception to this. It has a straight forward, step-driven approach yet can tackle even the most complex data integration or migration project.

This ease of use extends to:

  • Installation: a simple download
  • Configuration: typically 5 minutes
  • Re-mapping of record ownership on the fly
  • Portability: develop profiles for one job or system and easily transfer them to another
  • Future proof: richness of functionality means continued use and growth
  • Maps / profiles can be saved as PDF documents
  • User-configurable logging for operational management and exception reporting